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    "There is something here to curb your interest, cool your ice, and rewarm the coffee of  your heart!"- Vincent

(The Dabar Series Book 1)


In this intriguing and standout sci-fi parable, an astrophysicist discovers a parallel world where everything is created and controlled by spoken words that is eerily similar to Earth only undeveloped. After leading his research team for the first contact trip to the parallel world, three of the team are killed under bizarre circumstances. When the deaths of the team members are discovered, the U.S. government assumes control of the project and later on opens the planet up to the general population and other countries, but difficulty and tragedy ensue as people struggle to overcome the planet's unique laws and language barrier.



"Reading at times like a brainier, Rod Serling–esque version of Stargate’s

movie/TV franchise, Ivory’s first novel…. is a compelling what-if tale that

delivers a satisfyingly wise finale."

-Kirkus Reviews

Do Pantyhose Lie?


Do Pantyhose Lie? is an intimate collection of poetry about life, love, emotions, creativity, sensuality and spirituality. With an unorthodox yet contemporary style, Vincent Ivory engages the timeless questions of purpose and passion while admiring the tangible and intangible beauty of mature women in pieces like Women & Wine. Every reader will find themselves in at least one of the creations as they discover a collection of poetry that definitively makes you go … hmmm?.

FANMAIL: Poetry Inspired by the Characters of Marvel Comics


FANMAIL is a unique and innovative poetic commentary and tribute to many of the superheroes we have grown up with and admire. Fans young and old will relate to the gritty yet truthful comments in a simple rhyme format. The book comes in three media forms, print, DVD and "e-motion" for PC’s, Macs, iPhones, iPad’s and other smart phones. Contact us for you free electronic copy of FANMAIL with each qualified book purchase at or visit us a It has always been his intention that a portion of the proceeds from each purchase be donated to the Detroit Public Schools Reading Corps initially and other accredited literacy programs around the country as the project grows. A native of Detroit, Vincent believes that developing and nurturing an interest in reading and writing at a young age is the key to continued literacy and academic development.

Love Letters to Hollywood Vol.  1
  & Other Not So Randumb Thoughts


Love Letters to Hollywood Vol. 1 & Other Not So Randumb Thoughts by Vincent H. Ivory, contains a potpourri of new poems and a smattering of some fan favorites from Vincent's earlier work in the book entitled Do Pantyhose Lie? This collection also includes the smash hit poem adored by women everywhere entitled Women & Wine. 

In Love Letters to Hollywood, Vincent allows us a rhythmic peek at some of his caring and many times comedic insights and views on a select group of Hollywood's biggest and upcoming names. The letters, written with great candor, are filled with observations, opinions, little known facts and origins some of which reveal immediately who the celebrity is, while others may take a bit of research. In either case the letters make for a fun and reflective time of literary indulgence that is rare. Opposing all naysayers, Vincent continues to disperse the joy of rhyme poetry with an unrelenting resilience encouraging readers and writers everywhere to do the same.

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