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Unique, innovative and thought provoking are just some of the words used to describe Vincent Ivory and his literary work. A poet, author, director, producer and screenwriter, Vincent crafts an uncommon sci-fi parable in his debut novel entitled WORD WORLD .  The book is sure to leave you thinking long after you have walked away from it's pages.


Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Vincent has always been a lover of books, writing and reading. At the tender age of six, his enthusiasm for reading was rewarded when he was removed from one of his regular first grade classes and placed in a unique program called Junior Great Books. In this venue, reading and vocabulary skills were honed as well as exposure to other great literature. "As a child I loved Curious George and the normal kid stuff but Rudyard Kipling's Rikki Tikki Tavi and classics like Beowulf and Grendel always captured my imagination." Vincent also grew up as an avid comic book reader. "We didn't have a lot of money so brand new comic books were out of my reach at the time.  But in Detroit they had a three pack of comics in plastic and the covers were cut off so they were not worth as much and sold for cheap. I had stacks of those. I started working at age eleven sweeping and mopping floors at a hair salon with my Dad and a significant portion of that money went to comics. This trend continued well into my teens and twenties and beyond."


Today, Vincent is happily married, has three children and resides in a suburb of Columbus, OH. He works on his books, screenplays and marketing every single day (sometimes to his wife's dismay). Vincent has always loved and written poetry throughout his childhood and adult life. "Writing is very therapeutic for me and I believe it can be that way for everyone. Never say I can't write. That is simply not true. You can write. You may not write up to other people's expectations or standards but you can write and you should. Journal your life, your feelings and experiences. Writing is a great way to express joy and relieve anger or unhealthy emotions and thoughts because you can then look at how you are feeling and thinking. You literally release those thoughts and emotions onto paper instead of keeping them in."

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